Safety results from pivotal trial: reported adverse reactions

Adverse reactions reported in >2% of patients during the open-label titration period and double-blind treatment period

10 patients had treatment-emergent nonfatal serious adverse events (SAEs)1

  • 4 patients (7 events) in the open-label, run-in period
  • 6 patients (10 events) in the double-blind period
    • 4 patients in the placebo group; 2 patients in the Hysingla ER treatment group

None of the SAEs were considered as possibly, probably, or definitely related to study drug by the investigators.

Incidence of treatment-emergent adverse events that led to study drug discontinuation: 11% in open-label, run-in period and 4% in double-blind period (3% in placebo group; 4% in Hysingla ER group).

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