Abuse-deterrent properties do not prevent or reduce the risk of addiction1

Formulated with RESISTEC™ technology

RESISTEC: Purdue Pharma's proprietary extended-release solid oral dosage formulation platform2

RESISTEC combination of polymer icon

RESISTEC uses a unique combination of polymer and processing that:

  • Confers tablet hardness2
  • Imparts viscosity when dissolved in aqueous solutions2

Tablets manufactured using Purdue's RESISTEC technology contain polyethylene oxide in combination with the active ingredient and other excipients as needed for tablet manufacture.2

Formulation and processing of Hysingla ER2
  • In each Hysingla ER tablet, the sole active ingredient, hydrocodone bitartrate, is dispersed within a polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymer matrix
  • This matrix is composed of long molecular chains that ensure the tablet does not readily dissolve in water
  • The PEO polymer undergoes a proprietary manufacturing process that includes pressure, heat and time
  • The process transforms the molecular chains into a firm, interlocked matrix that makes the tablets very hard
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